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Specific ingredients

Cats and dogs are not able to biosynthesize all the elements needed for their good health. To meet their needs, it is vital to provide high quality and balanced food.


High nutritional quality ingredients

Pro-Nutrition nutritionists select each ingredient of our products according to its nutritional quality and profile, in order to provide cats and dogs with a sufficient and balanced quantity of the 40 essential nutrients.

This will allow to fully satisfy the needs of pets, as well as to achieve an ideal nutritional balance. This will ensure their good health.


Apple fibres

The apple fibres chosen by Pro-Nutrition contain polyphenols. These are natural antioxidants that are 4 times more powerful than vitamin C and 5 times more than vitamin E. Apple pectins are easily assimilated by the organism and help regulate the intestinal transit. They increase the elimination of food residues and pectic acid, and stimulate the digestive tract


Fructooligosaccharides are prebiotics and, by stimulating the growth of beneficial digestive flora (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli), reduce pathogenic bacteria in the digestive system. They also reduce foul-smelling compounds and protect against digestive problems.

graines de lin


Linseed is very rich in omega 3, which are essential fatty acids. They ensure the fluidity of all the organism's membranes. They also have anti-inflammatory and blood thinning properties.

Animal proteins

Meat and fish proteins are selected according to their digestibility (>85%), content in essential fatty acids and low content in minerals. The animal and vegetable fats (duck fat, colza oil, etc.) are chosen according to their freshness, fatty acid profile and palatability.