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Major innovations

For more than 50 years of innovation, know-how and passion, Pro-Nutrition has been designing outstanding food to guarantee well-being, health and happiness for your pets.

More than 50 years of innovation

Pro-Nutrition’s main concern is to guarantee the well-being of cats and dogs. An essential focus is given to Research and Development, in order to offer exclusive food, perfectly adapted to their physiology.

Marine Active Benefit, a Pro-Nutrition exclusivity

Developed by medical research, the MARINE ACTIVE BENEFIT is composed of marine biopeptides, polyunsaturated fatty acids and a natural antioxidant complex. Resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of specific parts of fishes from the Gadidae family*(cod, haddock, ling, etc.), this unique ingredient is exclusive to Pro-Nutrition. Its role is essential to the vitality and well-being of cats and dogs.

Nutridiversity, the intake of the 40 essential nutrients

Pro-Nutrition nutritionists select a large number of ingredients selected for their benefits on the animal’s health (apple fibres, fructooligosaccharides, linseed, duck fat, vitamins, trace elements, etc.) in order to provide cats and dogs with the 40 essential nutrients for their nutritional balance.

Food free from colouring agents

All Pro-Nutrition food is formulated without any colouring agents.

Formulas with no preservatives

Pro-Nutrition formulas do not contain any preservatives.

GMO-free plant raw materials

All Pro-Nutrition foods are produced from GMO-free plant raw materials.