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Protect is a complete range of dietetic food formulated to deal with the health disorders of dogs.

Which food for my dog?


Food is essential to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body. Pro-Nutrition has designed quality food, and balanced to provide all essential nutrients in dogs taking into account their specificities. Find out which Pro-Nutrition food is for him.

Find its diet

Your dog has a delicate metabolism, with dysfunctions that can lead to different disorders. You must feed him/her with a specific food adapted to his/her particular nutritional needs.

Pro-Nutrition nutritionists have developed the Protect line. Composed of dietetic food, it is formulated to perfectly meet the nutritional needs in relation to the most common health issues experienced by dogs, and to offer well-being. Our dietetic food complies with the nutritional requirements established and validated by the French and European authorities for particular nutritional purposes.

Food plays an essential role in your pet’s well-being. As a consequence, at Pro-Nutrition, we know it is crucial that your dog enjoys his/her meal.

That is why, the palatability of our food is at the heart of our priorities, in order to guarantee a tasty meal for your pet and offer him / her well being and happiness.


Protect food is entirely produced:

  • with GMO-free plant raw materials
  • with ingredients specifically selected for their hyperdigestible and hypoallergenic properties (no wheat or soya).