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My cat

Food requirements for cats vary according to the age, lifestyle and specific features (obesity, sterilization, food sensitivity…). Pro-Nutrition offers a wide range of food and helps you find the most appropriate product, so your cat can enjoy the best food at every meal.

Which food for my cat?


Food is essential to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body. Pro-Nutrition has designed quality food, and balanced to provide all essential nutrients in cats taking into account their specificities. Find out which Pro-Nutrition food is for him.

Find its diet

Very specific needs

Unlike dogs, cats are not able to produce taurine, a fatty acid which is essential to its well-being and good health. This is why all Pro-Nutrition cat foods contain synthetic extra taurine as well as taurine naturally contained in the raw materials, such as in meat and fish.

Strictly carnivorous, cats need food that is richer in proteins than dogs. Moreover, cats are prone to urinary dysfunction. As a consequence, all Pro-Nutrition foods guarantee an optimal urinary pH, that is essential to prevent urinary calculus.

Cats are very sensitive to taste and food habits, and sometimes it is very difficult to change their habits. Pro-Nutrition offers a wide variety of recipes and highly palatable food in order to satisfy all cats, even the fussiest ones.