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Playing sport with y


Playing sport with your dog, for its health and yours !

01 January 2020

It is well known that maintaining a regular physical activity is beneficial to our health. It allows us to remain fit and well. But we must keep in mind that it is also true for your dog!

The dog has a basic need to be physically active regardless of its age or breed. It is estimated that to satisfy its requirements, 2 sessions of 30 minutes per day are necessary. However, this can vary from one dog to another.


There are good reasons for playing sport with your dog :

  • Both of you are getting fit thanks to a regular physical activity
  • It strengthens the bonds between you and your dog when you play sport together
  • It improves your wellbeing while clearing both of your minds at the same time: you have a long working day with many responsibilities, and your dog might feel lonely during the day.
  • It helps facilitate education through better bonds.

There is nothing better than a sport session to both of you, to have fun and be healthy!


Activities to practice together

For several years now, dog sports have been significantly expanding. Many disciplines already enable to combine physical effort with delighting and sharing moments :

  • Canicross: this sport gives the appearance of a duo race which is often performed over a distance of 7 km. The dog is attached with its master with a specifically designed harness and a bungee leash. Both of them must complete the race without stopping and the dog must not overtake its master not to be disqualified. Driven by the dog, the runner can gain speed between 2 and 4 Km per hour! What teamwork!
  • Bikejoring: it works on the same principle as canicross and this sport is suitable for bikers. The dog is attached to the master's mountain bike, which then pulls it forward as the rider pedals and steers !
  • Agility: this sports exercise consists, for the master, in achieving an obstacle course with the dog, as quickly as possible and without a fault, while running at its side to guide the dog. Played for leisure or competition, this activity requires a perfect harmony between the master and the dog.
Chien - agility dog

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A few precautions to take before playing those sports :

    • Carry out a check-up visit with a veterinarian to make sure that the health of your 4-paw friend allows the exercise.
    • Warm up properly to avoid any muscular injury
    • It is always recommended to have clean water available to give to your dog during the exercise, in order to limit the risk of dehydration.

Remember that the sport sessions should be a moment of pleasure and you should take into account the physical capacities of your pet and should not go beyond its own limits.

For young dogs under 12 months, old dogs or those with contraindications for sustained physical activity, a walk is also a good activity to maintain health and share a moment of bonding.