There are numerous breeds of dogs, and the weight of an adult dog can vary considerably depending on the breed. Consequently, a dog that weighs 5kg does not have the same nutritional needs as a 40kg dog.

As a solution, Pro-Nutrition Flatazor offers foods for:

  • Small breed adult dogs (weight less than 10 kg),
  • Average breed adult dog (weight between 10 and 30 kg),
  • Large breed dog (weight greater than 30 kg).

Whether they are small, average and large adult dogs, when they are puppies, they do not necessarily grow as intensely or as long. For example, a small breed puppy will reach half of its adult weight at the age of 3 months, whereas a large breed puppy will reach half of its adult weight at 5 to 6 months. The larger the dog, the longer the growth process. It is therefore essential to provide a large breed puppy with Puppy food, then Junior food, whereas for a small breed puppy, Puppy food will suffice.

For harmonious growth, an essential foundation for dogs' future health, it is primordial to provide age and size appropriate food for puppies.

Pro-Nutrition Flatazor has designed growth foods for:

  • Small breed puppies
  • Average breed puppies
  • Large breed puppies

Depending on the dogs' breed, they do not age in the same way and their maturity differs: 

  • Around 8 years old for small breed dogs,
  • Around 7 years old for average breed dogs,
  • Around 5 years old for large breed dogs.

Dogs' eating requirements vary depending on:

  • Their size,
  • Their age,
  • Their activity,
  • Their physiological condition (females dogs during gestation and lactation),
  • Their specificities (obesity, sterilisation, allergies, etc.).

Pro-Nutrition Flatazor offers a wide choice of food, helping you to find the most appropriate food for your dog.