Prestige Activ'

Prestige Activ'


Prestige Activ'

  • Age : Adult
  • Characteristics : Active
  • Weight : Any weight


  • Natural antioxidants = Apple fibres are rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that protect the organism’s cells.
  • Stronger natural defences = High antioxidant contents, such as C, E vitamins and selenium, help to protect the organism’s cells.
  • Optimized energy = The presence of lecithin ensures an excellent assimilation of fats.


Dehydrated meats. Corn. Wheat. Animal fat. Apple fibres. Linseed. Duck fat. Beet pulp. Corn gluten. Animal protein hydrolysates. Rapeseed oil. Fish autolysats (Organolysats 0,75%). Sea salt. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Lecithin. Preservatives. Vitamins and trace elements.


Content by volume

Crude protein 27%. Crude oils and fats 19%. Crude fibre 2.5%. Inorganic matter 5.5%. Calcium 1.3%. Phosphorus 0.8%. A Vitamin 14 000 UI. D3 Vitamin 1 000 UI. E Vitamin E 250 UI. Copper 20 mg/kg. Zinc 192 mg/kg.


Gradually increase servings of Prestige ACTIV’ during the transition from the dog's previous food, straight from the bag or rehydrated according to the portions table given on the bag. Provide plenty of drinking water.

Weight of dog2 kg5 kg10 kg15 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg50 kg60 kg70 kg

Daily quantity

50 g100 g170 g220 g270 g350 g430 g500 g560 g620 g


Storage: to preserve the qualities of Prestige ACTIV’, store it in a cold, dark and dry place.

OUBD: 18 months


Available in bags of 3 kg and 15 kg.