Suckling complete food

Suckling complete food


Suckling complete food

  • Age : Puppy
  • Weight : Any weight


  • Breast milk substitutes: complementary milk substitutes in the case of large litters or inadequate lactation from the mother.
  • Harmonious growth: highly digestible and well tolerated milk proteins, easily assimilated fats and adequate amounts of lactose, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Easy to use: contains a kit with 1 feeding bottle and 2 teats (1 teat for puppies and 1 teat for kittens)


Milk powder. Whey protein. Vegetable oil. Whey powder. Wheat gluten. Coconut oil. Mannan oligosaccharides. Taurine. L-Lysine. DL-Methionine. Vitamine and trace elements.

Content by volume

Crude Protein 28%. Crude oils and fats 30%. Crude fibre 0.5%. Inorganic matter 7%. Calcium 0.6 %. Phosphorus 0.6 %. Sodium 0.5%. A Vitamin 25 000 UI. D3 Vitamin 10 000 UI. E Vitamin 60 UI. C Vitamin 150 mg/kg. B1 Vitamin 10 mg/kg. K Vitamin 2mg/kg. Copper 10 mg/kg. Zinc 96 mg/kg. Iron 80 mg/kg. Selenium 0,26 mg/kg. Iodine 2 mg/kg. Cobalt 0,2 mg/kg. L-Lysine 22 g/kg. DL-Methionine 5,4 mg/kg. Antioxidants.


During the first weeks of life, it is better to give the milk from a feeding bottle. Drill the nipple with a razor or a pair of scissors according to the desired flow rate. The milk can then be distributed in a saucer, as soon as the puppy/kitten will be able to lap alone (3rd week). From 3 to 4 weeks of life, start a gradual transition, mixing milk with special food for growth, for a smooth weaning.


Prepare a bottle of reconstituted milk by diluting the milk powder in warm water (35-40°C).


1- Pour the milk powder to 25ml (corresponding to 15g of milk powder).

2- Add gradually warm water until reaching 60ml (corresponding to 35 ml of water) (graduation "water” on the bottle).

3- Stir until it is well mixed. The prepared milk can be kept half a day in th refrigerator. In this case, do not forget to warm it up before distribution. Store in a clean, dry place. (1 tablespoon = 5g)


Quantities of reconstituted milk is given per day in grams:

of the animal
number of
feedings / day
Small puppies
(<350 g at birth)
Average sized puppies
(350 to 500 g at birth)
Large puppies
(> 500 g at birth)
1st  week810 - 20 mL / feeding20 - 30 mL / feeding25 - 40 mL / feeding
2nd  week625 - 30 mL / feeding30 - 60 mL / feeding60 - 90 mL / feeding
3rd  week540 - 50 mL / feeding50 - 80 mL / feeding60 - 90 mL / feeding
4th  week450 - 60 mL / feeding60 - 90 mL / feeding90 - 120 mL / feeding
5th  week350 - 60 mL / feeding60 - 90 mL / feeding90 - 120 mL / feeding


Storage instructions: to preserve the qualities of Pro-Nutrition Flatazor suckling complete food, store it in a cold, dark, and dry place.


OUBD : 18 months.


Available in 2.5 kg pots (contains a kit with 1 feeding bottle and 2 teats )